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Cryo 21 Face and Body Treatments

With the Cryo 21 range of facial treatments, it is possible to freeze away the years for a firmer, brighter and younger looking face.

Touch Eyes

Touch Skin 21

Touch Skin 21 is an effective, practical and low-invasive system to treat face and body skin, with a noticeable improvement after the first treatment.

I Tech 21

I Tech 21

Three techniques for treating different beauty problems on the face and body with surprising benefits on the mind!

Io S21 Pure Fitness

Io S21 Pure Fitness

Io S21 Pure Fitness carries out treatments to improve fat reduction by lipolytic activation, toning skin through the dermis firming and reshaping, safe, pain free and non-invasive

We are now able to produce and distribute highly advanced technologies to the best of our know-how to our customers.

Our Expertise

With equipment for both the face and body, we offer technologies that are bespoke and prescriptive providing a new approach to clients' concerns, with total confidence and knowledge that they have been tried and tested and produce real results.

Our results speak for themselves. Check out our testimonials for some great before and after treatment stories!

At Chrysalis Skin we offer competitive prices, backed by affordable finance and coupled with outstanding customer service.

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Our Products

Touch Skin 21

Touch Skin 21 can be used in medical operating rooms or equipped health centres. It is easier to use and more effective than laser treatment, as laser often requires multiple applications to get the desired results.

I Tech 21

I Tech 21 nourishes, gives volume, moisturises, lightens, prevents cutaneous & muscular ageing, renews, regenerates, relaxes, rebalances, activates, and resets cellular memory.

Io S21 Pure Fitness

Used to obtain results on fat reduction, wide spread or local, on toning up, muscle recovery, and on lymphatic drainage. The technique allows us to achieve visible and tangible results from the first application, in a comfortable and non-invasive way.

Arctik Cryo 21

Arctik Cryo 21 arrived in the beauty field after experience gained with cold and infrared ray treatments. Its name comes from the Arctic Circle, where cold and hot fuse together to enhance beauty.

Cryo 21

The Cryo 21 technique uses cryo-lipolysis to remove excess localised fat.  Adipose fat cells are more sensitive to cold and, when cooled, they undergo a process of slow and gradual spontaneous emptying.

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