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Touch Skin 21

Touch Skin 21 acts creating a "flash electric arc" on the skin surface, directed, conveyed and pinpoint, which allows to eliminate the skin pitting or skin gap with a specific action on the corneal cells level.

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Arctik 21

A combination of thermotherapy and cold treatment that activates a continuous interchange between vasoconstriction and vasodilation and generates an increase in oxygenation and a progressive relaxation of the muscles.

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Cryo 21

Apoptosis of fat cells occur when the machine reduces the temperature in the area from 34C to only 8C and with out the client feeling cold.  After 4 - 6 treatments clients to lose up to 12cm around the waist or 5 sizes.

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Io S21

Used to obtain results on the reduction of fat, wide spread or local, on toning up, on muscle recovery, and on lymphatic drainage. The technique allows us to achieve visible results from the first application, in a comfortable and non-invasive way.

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I Tech 21

I Tech 21 is a physical treatment that uses particular electric waveforms issued by two thimbles, combined with LED headsets that incorporate all the different wavelengths and frequencies of the visible spectrum.

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